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Christopher J. Verga TUI BUS 303 Module 1 SLP Dr. Maryann Lamer 25 August 2011 Routine Email From: VERGA, CHRISTOPHER J. SFC, USA
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To: RECRUITERS MID-ATLANTIC RECRUITING BATTALION Subject: Officer Referrals Just to clarify the process with officer referrals; if you have an applicant that is currently enrolled and attending an accredited 4yr college or university, or classified with the education 13L, 14M, 16N, or 17G they shall be referred to officer programs for an interview utilizing USAREC 1966/1. This is a requirement as per the United States Army Recruiting Command. With that being said, there are five personnel authorized to screen and sign these referral sheets (myself, SFC Coleman, SFC Brown, SSG Roco and the operations section). With the lack of tracking last FY and the sole purpose of taking care of the applicant and recruiter, these forms will be emailed to me to disperse to the respective recruiter or station commander for interview/screening and then added to the referral tracker by battalion operations. This is not to make your lives difficult, but to ensure credit is not only given to the recruiter for the referral but to also ensure the applicant gets a competitive look at both officer and enlisted. There is no reason why a competitive applicant cannot enlist and then put in an officer package but if we are not
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Aug2011-BUS303-mod1-slp - Christopher J Verga TUI BUS 303...

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