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Christopher J. Verga TUI BUS 303 Module 3 SLP Dr. Maryann Lamer 21 September 2011 Information Interview For my informational interview I spoke with Anchondo Daniel with the title of Business Development Specialist for a company that does franchise sales. What is your job like? The first thing he said to me about his position is to get comfortable on the phone. He spends a lot of time everyday on the phone with his customers. One thing that he mentioned is that you have to choose your own mood to make for a successful day, he doesn’t let the people he talks to that have an attitude get to him, he simply passes by those that aren’t worth his time. What do you do? The company that he is with does franchise sales for plumbing. Their goal is to find independent plumbing businesses with 3 to 50 trucks in their fleet and franchise them. They take these small businesses, some being second and third generation plumbers, and teach them to grow their business. This company provides the call center, bookkeeping, technology, infrastructure and business process. He compared some of these clients to cavemen hitting two rocks together in the dark, all they know is they are hitting the rocks together, they don’t know if they are even hitting the right two rocks together or why they are hitting them together. This is where his marketing skills come in with up-selling these clients, not to mention he gets bonuses and incentives for up-selling. Part of what they teach is a new business model beyond traditional plumbing. Word of mouth has always been a big part of the business and still is; however, they also go beyond in their advertising by having a highly recognizable phone number, one that would easily come to mind when you need a plumber. This company works closely with their clients to enhance their
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Aug2011-BUS303-mod3-slp - Christopher J. Verga TUI BUS 303...

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