MOD 1 SLP BUS 305 - BUS 305 Module 1 Session Long Project...

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BUS 305 Module 1 Session Long Project Market Behavior 1. What is the organization you are going to use? Why do you think it will be an interesting focus for your economic analysis? Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is a company that I find special interest in. I have always been into technology, especially computers. I was only seven years old when Microsoft went public, though I bet a lot of people wish they had invested into the Gates dream. In the recent years I have done a lot of research on Apple Inc. and I think it will be interesting to follow their largest competitor, Microsoft. I am curious about what plans Microsoft has to climb back to the top after Apple Inc. surpassed them and became the largest technology company in the world. (Tweney, 2010) I wonder if Microsoft will start to rely more on the sales of entertainment items such as the X-Box 360 as opposed to the development and sales of the operating systems that the company was built on. Microsoft’s stock is currently at $26.79. If I were to buy 1000 shares of Microsoft (MSFT) today, I would pay $26,790. (Microsoft, n.d.) Technology is a factor that plays a large role in the success of Microsoft. Everything the company is built on and involved with is based around the technology that goes into the products. In order for Microsoft to continue to grow and remain competitive in the market they have to stay on the cutting edge of developing and using new technologies. You can see examples of Microsoft making attempts to keep up with its competition on the technology front. The Windows Phone is Microsoft’s response to Apple’s iPhone, and Kinect for the X-Box 360 is their answer to the Nintendo Wii.(Microsoft, n.d.) The problem is that
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Microsoft is playing catch up with its competition; they need to get back in front of the pack and start leading on the technology front. 2a. Pick TWO of the economic terms presented in the PowerPoint Slides that apply to your organization. What are they? Explain how each applies to your organization. Choice and tradeoff are two terms that should have special meaning to Microsoft.
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MOD 1 SLP BUS 305 - BUS 305 Module 1 Session Long Project...

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