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Trident University International BUS 305 Module 2 Session Long Project Economic Indicators for Microsoft 1. Labor is an important factor of production for all firms. The most recent unemployment rate is estimated at 9% (January 2011). Economists have identified three types of unemployment. Which type would affect your firm? Frictional unemployment that occurs because it takes time for employers and workers to find each other, would not affect Microsoft too much. Microsoft is a major technical company with employment opportunities across the world. For this reason most people who are seeking employment in the technical field would probably apply for a job with Microsoft, thus giving Microsoft “the pick of the litter”. It would be the people that Microsoft didn’t hire who would Structural unemployment results from a mismatch between worker qualifications and the characteristics employers require would be the one that would have the most affect on Microsoft. Technology changes and advancements happen almost hourly. It would not be beyond reason to expect that a change in technology could cause Microsoft to either have to lay off employees who have just become obsolete, or to struggle to find employees with current qualifications. (Rittenberg & Tregarthen, 2009)
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Cyclical unemployment in excess of the unemployment that exists at the natural level of employment, would affect Microsoft, but not more or less than it would affect any other company
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MOD 2 SLP BUS 305 - Trident University International BUS...

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