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DM576Week4 Discussion Board Share your ideas regarding potential NBC terrorist activities in various environmental settings. What do you see as the most vulnerable environmental threat that terrorists can take advantage of? Why? There are many environmental settings vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Our awareness to the terrorist intentions is acute, but the necessary protective measures to prevent and defend our environmental resources are lacking on the necessary sense of emergency. Unlikely the security measures implemented in the airports, our agricultural, food, livestock’s and water supplies are considered soft targets. The wicked contamination of our food and water supplies by terrorist is a real and current danger, and a deliberate contamination of these supplies at one location could have calamitous consequences to our safety. A terrorist attack towards our environmental resources specially plants and livestock’s would cause death, economical damage, and the loss of confidence in the food sold in our country.
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Misc. Papers - DM576Week4 Discussion Board Share your...

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