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Unformatted text preview: DM576 Week 5 Assignment The Top Officials Exercise (TOPOFF) is a mandatory series of events mandated by the U.S. Congress. The exercise is semiannual in nature, and encompasses a series of events that has the objective of solidify the Unite States capability to prepare, prevent and deal with large scale terrorist attacks, utilizing all the tools available under the coordination of Homeland Security Department and all the local, state and federal agencies involved on the business of protecting and dealing with the consequences of such terrorist actions. (1) The exercise is planned to simulate an individual large scale terrorist attack or a series of terrorist attacks in certain area that would employ B.C.R (Biological, Chemical, and Radiological) or any other weapon considered of massive power of destruction. The responders or such attacks would come from all levels of the government (Local, State, and Federal), and they would belong to teams like: Law Enforcement; Infrastructure Protection (Communications, Power, Transportation, etc.); Public Information; NBC Surveillance and Decontamination Teams; Command and Control; Crisis and Consequence Management; Medical/Public Health; Resource Management and Homeland Security. (2) With All agencies and members being obligated to develop plans and actions restricted by the WMD scenario. These integrated efforts will result in the production of an incorporated, coordinated and efficient response to such attacks. (2) Other goals expected to be achieved with the TOPOFF is: - Review and solidify the participation of all agencies and personnel involved, as well as partners traditionally not involved in such occasions of crisis and consequence management; (2)- “Create broader operating frameworks of expert federal, state, and local crisis and consequence management systems” (2); and - The validation of a strategically, and operationally plan guided by policies adapted to proper respond to this reality. (2) The TOPOFF 3 exercise was executed in April 2005, and it was considered the biggest attempt by the authorities involved to realistically deal with a large proportion terrorist attack. The exercise integrated many situations and scenarios than the pasts TOPOFF, consequently a new set of unexplored areas were brought up to the field and situation room, “For example, the recently released National Response Plan (NRP) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) were used as both the framework and approach for response and incident management.” (1) The TOPOFF 3 successfully coordinated efforts with federal, state, local agencies and private sector organizations in a yearlong effort, resulting in the elaboration of a plan of national preparedness encompassing the areas of: “Incident Management, Intelligence and Investigation, Public Information, and Evaluation. Overall, objectives were addressed and met. Investigation, Public Information, and Evaluation....
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DM576Week5Assignment - DM576 Week 5 Assignment The Top...

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