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DM576-Week one assignment - (Falkenrath Newman& Trayer...

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DM 576- Week 1 Assignment On Page 64 (Table 2) of the text, review the countries listed under each of the four listed categories and do the following: A. Choose one country of interest under the first three categories (i.e., Declared Current Possessors, Suspected Possessors, and Suspected of Attempting Acquisition). Note: Please choose a different country under each category. - Declared Current Possessors: Russia - Suspected Possessors: Israel - Suspected of Attempting Acquisition: Iran B. For each country chosen, describe at least one nuclear, biological or chemical weapon known or suspected to have been possessed or acquired by each country and post a related web site URL which documents this information. - Russia: Approximately 12,000 deployed nuclear weapons
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Unformatted text preview: ; (Falkenrath, Newman & Trayer Pg. 65)-Israel: Suspected of having 100 nuclear weapons; (Falkenrath, Newman & Trayer Pg. 65)-Iran: Suspected of developing facilities capable of enriching uranium and further development to nuclear weapons. Iran is in defiance mode, and it was referred to the U.N. security counsel for further decision. C. For the 4th category (Abandoned or Reversed Programs), choose one country and explain its voluntary or involuntary reversal or abandonment of NBC weapons development/acquisition. Australia gave up their consideration of acquiring nuclear weapons, and joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Australia is a non-nuclear weapon state. (Falkenrath, Newman & Trayer Pg. 65)...
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