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Week # 4 - Chapters 4-5 (Orent) Plague is a deadly disease that can become an emergency disaster to society if spread by its pneumonic form and left untreated in a timely manner. The other two forms of plague the bubonic and septcemic can also be deadly if left untreated or without the proper antibiotic medications. There are natural cases of plague in endemic areas, and also plague can be a disaster caused and developed by man, like the cases of Plague strings developed by the Soviet and American Military Forces and prepared to be utilized over opposing enemies in a form of Biological Weponry. It is necessary to say that plague can be cured with the proper combination of medication, and also it is necessary to positively identify the efforts conducted by the American and British medical communities in the development of a plague vaccine. The plague vaccine is considered
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Unformatted text preview: necessary by the medical community, because a plague outbreak can disrupt the normal life of society, and the consequences can become fatally disastrous. The main issue and necessary containment to a plague outbreak is the isolation of the affected area, quarantine of infected individuals or the extermination of an infected animal population, and the proper delivery of antibiotics to individuals infected within 24 hours. The development of a safe and effective vaccine is a matter of time, due to the many restrictions imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and its British counterpart; however the British Medical Community has the uperhand of a more relaxed set of rules imposed by the British Government. Respectfully,...
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