IN500 Midterm Examination #2

IN500 Midterm Examination #2 - IN500 Midterm Examination#2...

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IN500 Midterm Examination#2 1. Compare and contrast British COMINT accomplishments and deficiencies of World War I with those of World War II with respect to sea warfare. Pay particular attention to Room 40 activities and the Battle of the Atlantic. How did technological and other changes from WWI to WWII enhance the value of COMINT or detract from it? How did the dissemination and use of COMINT change and what were the results? COMINT is the Intelligence term for technical and intelligence information resulted from foreign communications by other than the proposed receiver, also COMINT is one of the elements that comprise the SIGINT field; COMINT is simply the listening, analyzing and decoding of radio-trafic, teletype or fax signals. Britain’s Room 40 is the most well know Communication Intelligence organization from WWI; it was created by the British necessity of collect and analyze information gathered from enemy forces. British COMIT intercepted during WWI was great but ill analyzed and disseminated, and its application to sea warfare improperly conducted and prioritized. The British failed on prioritize the collected information and expeditiously present that to the proper personnel and leadership. There were recognizable honest efforts to conduct operation by Room 40, but it was proved as damaged by the British leadership “When Room 40 did get into its stride it proved invaluable” (Richelson Pg.
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IN500 Midterm Examination #2 - IN500 Midterm Examination#2...

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