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Subject: Cold warriors Posted by Barrett Riordan Wed Jul 26 08:43:19 2006. Message: I want to discuss intelligence history this week and draw on your reading of A Century of Spies . Here is an assertion: I believe that the single individual related to the global intelligence community who had the most significant impact on the Cold War was William Casey. Who would you guys nominate and why? I would nominate also nominate Mr. William Casey as the most important figure responsible for conducting and administering the Intelligence efforts during the cold war era; Other figures like Mr. Allan Dulles, General Walter Smith, Mr. John McCone are also responsible for conducting essential operations that paved the way to the U.S. Intelligence Community and the U. S. Government to victory during the Cold War. I picked Mr. Casey because of his successes, attitude and courage to oversees the Intelligence Community and personally direct the CIA.
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