IN 500 Discussion Group #3

IN 500 Discussion Group #3 - Prior to 9/11, one of the...

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Prior to 9/11, one of the ongoing intelligence controversies involved commercial or economic intelligence and counterintelligence. Some knowledgeable people thought that the intelligence community should move more aggressively into this area, others believed to the contrary. This issue has been almost entirely subsumed by the war on terror, but it still exists and at some point will likely once again become prominent. Let’s look at this from a counterintelligence viewpoint. Do you think economic counterintelligence is still a problem? Are there specific problems we should be focusing on? In what ways are these problems unique? What agency is in charge of this matter today? Is that the right agency to head the effort? Where should economic intelligence stand on our list of priorities? Take a shot at any or all of these items and anything else that might occur to you. Don’t forget: 10 a.m. on Monday is the endpoint. The Counterintelligence function is designed to properly annul threats to our Intelligence assets and areas of responsibilities; proper Counterintelligence is conducted with the correct identification, awareness, prioritizing and neutralization of threats to our National
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IN 500 Discussion Group #3 - Prior to 9/11, one of the...

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