IN509 Week16 - Week 16: Course Reflection (UNGRADED:...

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Week 16: Course Reflection (UNGRADED: Pass/Fail) IN 509 Feb 21, 2007 Scope: This lesson requires you to on this course and provide your professor with your conclusions. Objective: 1. Describe how you feel you improved your knowledge, skills, abilities, and yourself in this class. Ma’am I felt that this course gave me a great deal of Basic knowledge into the Counterintelligence field. Other than the regular cycle of competent intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination; the counterintelligence part is a very important aspect of the intelligence business, because it is the protection of valuable intelligence data, and the protection of strategic assets. The path used to describe the this counterintelligence course also was a very interesting one, because it taught us the United States and the foreign aspects of counterintelligence, with a early commitment of explaining the early days of counterintelligence, the covert action subject, World War II Counterintelligence, CIA case officers expectations and
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IN509 Week16 - Week 16: Course Reflection (UNGRADED:...

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