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IN 509 Final Examination - Week 15 IN 509 Final Examination...

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Week 15 IN 509 Final Examination Question #1. Analyze the most successful means for a country to identify, neutralize, and exploit the intelligence activities of adversaries. The most successful means for a country to identify neutralize and exploit the intelligence activities of the adversaries are the jobs of competent intelligence and proper counterintelligence operations. The reason is due to the intelligence cycle of acquiring, analyzing and disseminating intelligence data collected from America’s enemies through competent intelligence or righteous intelligence; and also the protection of intelligence and strategic assets through proper Counterintelligence operations that can be preventive, contained and aggressive depending on the nature of the enemy or the threat. Intelligence is the gathering of information with a objective of making strategic, and operational decisions, that whenever well executed will result on overall protection against an determined enemy or set of enemies, these enemies can vary from another state to a terrorist group engaged in operations worldwide against the United States of America and allies. The intelligence process involves the gathering, analysis of raw data and the dissemination of the same raw information or the dissemination of well analyzed information that will result on the issuance of sound decisions on the battlefield or in the briefing room of a law enforcement agency or a joint task force. Also, it is upon the analysis of Intelligence data that the U.S government leaders will make policies or order hard actions against the adversaries; these enemies that can vary from a terrorist
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organization to a state sponsor terrorism nation and the operations can be overt, covert or clandestine in nature. Intelligence is such an important aspect of an organization or a country that the United States of America Homeland Security Advisory System and Military Operations are based Intelligence data. “Intelligence is the process and the result of gathering information and analyzing it to answer questions or obtain advance warnings needed to plan for the future. The information collected can be difficult to obtain or altogether secret material gained through espionage ("closed sources"), or it can be banal and widely available, such as newspaper articles or Internet postings ("open sources"). Traditionally, intelligence involves all-source collection, storage and indexing of data, usually in multiple languages, in the expectation that some small portion will later prove important. Intelligence findings or ("product") and the sources and methods used to obtain them (tradecraft) are often highly classified and sometimes compartmentalized, and intelligence officers need top level security clearance.” (1) The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 exposed the government failures to proper protect the United States of America against the elusive enemy called Al Qaeda, what clearly magnified the massive failure of proper sharing Intelligence data and much other vital information that
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IN 509 Final Examination - Week 15 IN 509 Final Examination...

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