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Week 8 IN 509 Midterm Examination Question #1. What is the most successful way for a government to use counterintelligence against a foreign entity? Counterintelligence is a vital part of the intelligence process because such operations are designed to protect intelligence and strategic assets, and also it is how the enemies and spies are detected. The execution of Counterintelligence operations will enable a Government to safeguard its strategic secrets from foreign states, possible future enemies or against terrorist groups interested in harming and destroying any sovereign and recognized government. The most victorious way to use counterintelligence against foreign entities is developing a strong Intelligence Community able to operate freely and proactively, with a distinct capability to bring law enforcement and military authorities in order to combat the enemy domestically and in foreign lands. Also, it is very important that technological resources and covert action become well funded, without the necessity to scramble for financial resources in order to properly operate, and finally it is very imperative that the counterintelligence agencies have the ability to develop and sustain arresting power against spies or any espionage suspects within the boundaries of its territories and sovereignty jurisdiction. The term Counterintelligence signifies the gathering of information, and the execution of activities operations intended to protect against espionage, enemy intelligence activities, sabotage, or assassinations conducted by foreign governments or
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free lancer agents acting in the behalf of foreign government, foreign persons and organizations, or terrorist activities internationally and domestically. Or “Counter- intelligence is the activity of preventing the enemy from obtaining secret information, such as careful classifcation and control of sensitive information and spreading disinformation.” (1) The bottom line is counterintelligence is how secrets are protected, strategic assets are classified properly and spies are detected and dealt properly. Counterintelligence measures are part of the Intelligence process safeguard, and part of the process of protection of the Homeland Security, Counter-Terrorism operations and military operations during war or peacetime. The United States of America is the most important and powerful country on the face of earth, and naturally other nations envy this worldwide status, so naturally many nations will strive to reach the same level, or many times these nations will simply try to acquire our resources by the wrong methods, translating to illegal operations against our national assets or the development of espionage nets against the United States. Consequently and naturally the United States has to be ahead of this perpetrators, and
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IN 509 Midterm - Week 8 IN 509 Midterm Examination...

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