IN 509 Week 6 Answers

IN 509 Week 6 Answers - Initial Message Subject: Week 6...

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Initial Message Subject: Week 6 Discussion Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Thu Jun 22 08:19:23 2006. Message: How should counterintelligence resources be used most effectively? Counterintelligence resources should be used more effectively by steps such as uniformed centralized leadership, shifting the approach of defending our interest domestically with a more aggressive approach towards our enemies worldwide committing more financial resources and manpower to the fight overseas, scrutinizing our allies financial alliances and commercial relations with states considered “Overlookers” of their internal terrorists networks though deniability. “Our counterintelligence philosophy and practices need dramatic change, starting with centralizing counterintelligence leadership, bringing order to bureaucratic disarray, and taking our counterintelligence fight overseas to adversaries currently safe from scrutiny.” (1) Counterintelligence resources are little by little on the way to be better used, the National Counterintelligence executive or NCIX are the planner, manager, and supervisor for all United States counterintelligence efforts, and this is a good step toward the centralization of counterintelligence assets into the fight, and also is the necessary measure needed to the development of unified capabilities committed to attacking intelligence threats outside the United States and domestically; Another resource that can be used more efficiently is the Counterintelligence efforts across the Intelligence Community been rightfully employed and executed in support of the foreign intelligence mission. Finally the most important one is the integration U.S. counterintelligence effort designed to “take advantage of intelligence collection opportunities; protect billions of dollars of defense and intelligence-related investments, sources, and methods; and defend our country against surprise attack.” (2) the counterintelligence resources are not yet in the level and allocation desired and required to properly combat the exploitation of our strategic assets and top secret information, because the United States Government is a very segmented and autonomous body of organizations, where the agency cultures still prevails many times than the real importance of the mission, however various steps towards identification, relocation and solution finding of problems and resources have been initiated by our Government. Respectfully, Reference: (1) Global Security Online. “Chapter 11-Counterintelligence”. Extracted from r2005_chap11.htm (2) Ibid
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Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Thu Feb 15 10:48:20 2007. Message:
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IN 509 Week 6 Answers - Initial Message Subject: Week 6...

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