IN 509 Week #2 Assignment

IN 509 Week #2 Assignment - Subject: Week 2 Discussion...

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Subject: Week 2 Discussion Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Thu Jun 22 08:18:03 2006. Message: How can knowledge gleaned from intelligence be used to work towards peace and freedom in the world? Ma’am with all the respect to the peace activists around the world, the planning, development and conclusion of Intelligence Operations are designed to make the Agency or Country conducting such operations safer, or to obtain and upper hand to the enemy or the criminal organization subjected. If peace around the world can be measured by a better world or regional stabilization, I can say that good intelligence can lead to such result. It very known that the friends of today, will most likely become the enemy of tomorrow, this is proved by our past alliances with Iraq, Osama Bin Laden, the Mujaheden movement in Afghanistan, or the simply alliances between the Pakistani Intelligence Services and Lashkar-e-tayyiba (LeT). The Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT) started its fighting agenda, and Islamic militancy using the Mujahideen model of standing and fighting against the infidels or invaders, the first enemy was the Soviets, during the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan in the 1990’s. then later after the Soviet defeat and withdrawal, the group refocus its battles engaging the Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir area, this involvement was planned with the intent of fighting Indian presence in the mentioned territories. The LeT leadership and operations were drastically changed after the 2001 Parliament attack.
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IN 509 Week #2 Assignment - Subject: Week 2 Discussion...

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