IN 509 Week #3 Assignment

IN 509 Week #3 Assignment - Subject Week 3 Discussion NEW...

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Unformatted text preview: Subject: Week 3 Discussion NEW! Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Thu Jun 22 08:18:21 2006. Message: What skills do CIA case officers need to have in order to appropriately assess and support covert actions? How do these skills compare with what was needed in past decades? Case Officers are mentors, they are the very well prepared professionals responsible for the tutoring and providing guidance’s to the Agents in the field. The Case Officer must exhibit characteristics like intimate knowledge of the clandestine / covert operation field, professionalism at the operational level, a cool head, and control of emotions. Case Officers are responsible for keeping the agents at a reasonable level of certainty and in touch with reality, because many times the Agents selected to a determined AOR will be the person responsible for betraying his / her country loyalty. Due to the harsh reality of being discovered, prosecuted, falling in disgrace or being executed many agents and case officers will develop a relationship like psychiatrist and patient. So it is imperative to the Case Officers to be very prepared and mature. The CIA case officer is at the minimum someone with a college graduate, fluent in one or more foreign languages, and always a fully trusted loyal American citizen with a Top Secret security clearance; Case Officer are individuals of exceptional intelligence, integrity, and initiative. Case officers are the CIA elite corps, and as such they are entrusted with the most sensitive national secrets the U.S. possesses, and indeed the very lives of the indigenous agents they recruit and handle. (Rustmann Jr., F.W.) The skills needed on the past and at our current time of crisis for a good Case Officer are the same. The necessary changes that occurred after September, 11 2001 are related to the necessity of changing the ways of Intelligence Operations were conducted within the Government. The professional skills attributed to a Case Officer, and his / her relationship with agents will be pretty much always the same on the core of this psychiatrist-patient relationship....
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IN 509 Week #3 Assignment - Subject Week 3 Discussion NEW...

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