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Initial Message Subject: Week 5 Discussion NEW! Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Thu Jun 22 08:19:04 2006. Message: How does covert action, as a political technique, complement diplomatic, economic, and military capabilities? Covert Action is without a doubt one of the many tools used by governments to accelerate the acquisition of their objectives. There are many types of Covert Action operations, from simple influence and dissemination of wrong information to Assassination, the most violent one. If a government desires to influence the politics of another country’s government, this government will secretly fund an opposition group in that country objecting the political influence on that country’s elections. The tools used to conduct this covert action operation are hard to be enumerated from employ foreign newspaper reporters to write articles that give the version of events to possibly using contractors / mercenaries to make people believe that casualties among the victims are
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Unformatted text preview: innocent civilian victim of an enemy group. “The British regularly employed Covert Action operations in Ireland, with the result that it is likely that the IRA often took the blame for violent actions with which they had no involvement, although they were hardly innocent players in the general mayhem. Many people suspect that the Northern Irish bank robbery that occurred some time back was actually a British Covert Action operation designed to make the IRA take the blame, so that people would believe that the IRA was not honouring the Good Friday Agreement.” (1) Covert Action will complement diplomatic, economical and military efforts whenever engaged on a mission or political adventure. Because, a successful covert operation will most likely bring discredit and culpability to the group or government targeted. Reference: (1)
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