IN 509 Week #7 Assignment

IN 509 Week #7 Assignment - Subject: Week 7 Discussion...

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Subject: Week 7 Discussion Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Thu Jun 22 08:19:43 2006. Message: Why does focused collection provide superior information to analysts? Focused collection provides superior information to analysts because it is centralized towards the collection of intelligence data on a specific area. It means that all resources are devoted to that specific subject, where distractions to the mission are minor facts and the objective better achieved through dedication to the subject or source. “The FBI made several organizational changes at headquarters during the 1990s, including the creation of a Counterterrorism Center, the exchange of senior FBI and CIA counterterrorism officials, and the creation of a unit focused exclusively on Usama Bin Ladin.” (1) Good intelligence analysis is the direct result of the product offered, and this product is the result of the collection process; focused collection affords the intelligence professionals the tools necessaries to engage the subject with a certain degree of sole dedication. References: (1) 9-11 Commission Online. “Law Enforcement, Counterterrorism, and Intelligence Collection in the United States Prior to 9/11”. Extracted from / staff _ statements / staff _ Posted by Marian J. Leerburger Wed Jan 10 18:14:46 2007. Message: Those are excellent points. Too much information is overwhelming, wastes time, and may detract from what is really needed in that information. Ma’am, Focused collection separates unnecessary research / collection from important issues, such as a the FBI Usama Bin Ladin Unit that dedicates its entire time to find him and the terrorists engaged in direct contact with his direct orders and operations. Focused collection filters too much information that consequently becomes a burden to the collectors, and in a domino effect goes up to the analysts and dissemination becomes a poor product of a general effort, too much information doesn’t necessarily becomes a good final product. The following replies have been posted: Posted by Barry Atticks Tue Dec 19 13:06:47 2006. Message: If an analyst is trying to provide the best possible analysis in a given situation, he/she must have access to the most relevant information in a given area. That information needs to be not only relevant but complete as well, as gaps will result in an analysis being made with incomplete information. Collecting information in a focused method will reduce the likelihood that gaps in intelligence will occur. Richelson (1995), in his book, Century of Spies, cites a specific example of gaps in intelligence that occurred during the Gulf War. Several areas “were less than fully satisfying” to the troops: in providing a broad view of the battlefield, in locating the mobile scuds, in providing bomb-damage
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assessment, and in providing imagery intelligence in a timely manner. Due to the fact there is a finite amount of hours that can be dedicated to collection, the collection
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IN 509 Week #7 Assignment - Subject: Week 7 Discussion...

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