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Associate Level Material Stress and Illness in the Workplace Matrix Use the following table to describe the relationship between stress and health in the workplace and to identify ways to reduce stress in the workplace. If you use additional sources, include citations consistent with APA guidelines. What is the relationship between stress and health in the workplace? Some common sources of stress found in the workplace might be dealing with bullies, or rank, bosses, people being late, lazy, having an attitude, or even just people in general. Human nature, some people are just shady. What are some ways to reduce work place stress might be showing up onetime, talking to people, trying to be social, concentrate on your job, and if your having a problem with your job, or co-workers you could try talking to the supervisor, and or if that doesn't seem to work, you could go to the manager, then even your boss, work your way up the chain. If your just looking for a common stress relief, you could just carry a stress ball with you, or
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hca250_r3_stress_illness_workplace - Associate Level...

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