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Darial Sneed @02638624 Managerial Economics 12:40 Class k Homework #1 Questions 2.2 and 2.8 Homework #2: 2.2 and 2.8 2.2 Question: “The personal computer is a calculating device and a communicating device. Spreadsheets incorporate the best of both characteristics by allowing mangers to determine and communicate the optimal course of action.” Discuss this statement and explain why computer spreadsheets are a popular means for expressing economic relations. Answer : The personal computer is designed to accomplish many tasks and functions. Some of which are spread sheets and data sheets. Spread sheets can be designed to enter formulas, multiple data entries, graphs, stats, and information in relation to finance. In a spread sheet a formula can be entered and assigned to parts of the spreadsheet. Hence, the calculating device. Spread sheets can be communicated by representations of graphical information and a break down formulaically to each individual as to comparisons and contrast situations. Also as
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