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Chapter Nine: XBRL The basic purpose of XBRL is to facilitate information exchange, particularly financial information, between all different kinds of organizations, regardless of the hardware and software platforms they us individually. XBRL is to financial information what HTML is to Web page development. XBRL is a subset of a much broader language, XML (extensible Markup Language). TERMINOLOGY Extensible . The “X” in XBRL stands for extensible. The XBRL language is “able” to be “extended.” Specification . Think of a specification as a particular (specific) example of a larger group. For example, “California” is a specification of “United States.: Or “goodwill” is a specification of “assets.” XBRL is part of a larger group of languages referred to as XML (extensible Markup Language.) One common feature of all XML specifications is their
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Unformatted text preview: extensible nature; another is their use as markup languages. Taxonomy . Broadly speaking, taxonomy is a way to organize knowledge. Namespace . A namespace is like an XBRL dictionary. Remember what the X stands for: extensible . So, if someone invents a new XBRL term (i.e. extends XBRL), he or she has to let others know what it means. The meaning (definition) of the new term would reside in a namespace. Namespaces have Internet addresses (URLs) just like Web pages. Instance document . An instance document is a specific example of properly tagged XBRL information. For example, a publicly traded company might mark up its balance sheet with XBRL tags. The balance sheet, then, would be an instance document....
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