Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight - Chapter Eight: Information Systems Concepts...

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Chapter Eight: Information Systems Concepts SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE Systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a methodology for designing, implementing, and maintaining virtually any kind of information system. The SDLC comprises seven parts 1. Initiation/planning 2. Requirements analysis 3. Design 4. Build 5. Test 6. Implementation 7. Operations and maintenance The SDLC is actually highly iterative in practice --- similar to systems documentation. In other words, information systems professionals don’t move from one step to another in a rigid way. Rather, they move back and forth between the steps as needed in a specific project. 1. Initiation/planning Most systems development projects start because someone in an organization recognizes an unfilled need. This first phase of the SDLC often includes a feasibility study to determine if the project is possible from economic, operational, and technological perspectives. The feasibility study results may be used to try to get the project funded 2. Requirements analysis In requirements analysis, systems designers figure out what the new system needs to accomplish. They may use a variety of tools at this stage, including flowcharts and interviews with system users. The fundamental goal of requirements analysis is to develop a clear set of objectives for the new system. 3. Design With the requirements analysis in hand, systems designers can begin to think about how the system should look—how will screen layouts look, what kinds of documents are needed, what forms of internal control will be involved. Very often, the overall AIS is broken down into modules for design purposes; modules could be based on business processes (sales/collection, for example) and/or stakeholders (such as customers and employees). 4.
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Chapter Eight - Chapter Eight: Information Systems Concepts...

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