Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen - Chapter Sixteen: Decision-Making Models...

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Chapter Sixteen: Decision-Making Models and Knowledge Management INFORMATION OVERLOAD AND OTHER BARRIERS TO GOOD DECISIONS Information Overload: Our brains have a limited capacity for processing information. When too much information starts coming in, or information comes in faster than we can process it, information overload is the result. Causes of information overload There are five fundamental causes of information overload: 1) Personal factors refer to everyone’s individual limitations to process information. 2) Information characteristics . Information can be uncertain, ambiguous, complex, and intense—all of which create a greater opportunity for decision makers to become overloaded. 3) Task and process parameters . Time pressure is one process parameter that can contribute to information overload. Other causes of information overload in this area include nonroutine tasks, task complexity and interdependencies, and interruptions. 4) Organizational design . People in groups have differing ideas and approaches for problem solving and decision making; integrating all those different points of view can easily lead to information overload. 5) Information technology . Every day, people are bombarded with information—much more so than in the past. Having all that information coming at you virtually all the time is bound to create some information overload. Symptoms and effects of information overload: Limited information search and retrieval strategies (information overload causes people to be less effective when looking for information).
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Chapter Sixteen - Chapter Sixteen: Decision-Making Models...

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