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QBA Art Kites Worksheet - 366.66666667 Cost $75-$150...

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Art Kites Material cost for kites 3500 Art Kites Material cost for kites 3500 String and bobin for kites 500 Cutting Machine Rent or Buy 5000 Revenues: Rent Kiosk or Shop 1000 Kite sales 15000 Expenses: Rent Shop 0 Kiosk 1000 Variable expense 4000 Rent Kiosk or Shop 1000 Shop 1600 Rent expense (Kiosk or Shop) 1000 Machine expense 5000 Buy Cutting Machine 0 Rent 5000 Net Income: 5000 Rent or Buy Machine 5000 Buy 8500 Kite Sales 15000 Income Statement Approach String/Bobbin 500 Quantity 100 Decisions: Price per Kite 150 Cutting Machine Rent or Buy 5000 Buy 8500 Rent Kiosk or Shop 1000 Shop 1600 Formula for Quantity
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Unformatted text preview: 366.66666667 Cost $75-$150 maximum choice= $150 Q=100+40000/P Loan 10000 Sell depends on the price he charges. Expense of K/S and Machine 6000 Loan amount for Variable expen 4000 Variable expenses 4000 Loan left over • Start with outcome measure • Decompose outcome measure into independent variables that DIRECTLY determine it • Repeat decomposition for each variable in turn • Identity input data and decisions as they arise • Highlight Special types of elements with specials symbols...
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