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QBA Practice Exam 4 Achoo - financial footing before they...

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Number 4 POSTED BY ADMIN ON NOVEMBER 29, 2011  ADD COMMENTS Achoo’s Boat Tours 1) Achoo Yamatamagoochee has a glass-bottomed boat and he gives boat tours around the coral reefs  on Key Biscayne. Achoo is sure that his sales are related to wind velocity, because on days with good  wind he has empty seats on his boats and sees more wind surfers around the Key. First help Achoo  discover the relationship between the wind velocity and his daily customers. The following file has the  average wind speed and customer data from the last several days. Achoo’s Wind/Customer data     2) Achoo wants to marry his marketing rep BamaMama Jones, but she feels that they need to be on firm 
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Unformatted text preview: financial footing before they get married. Achoo shows you receipts indicating that his boat lease is $3000/month, his pay to his only other employee Jake St. Jacque is $3400/month, and he pays about $1.25/person/day for gas. Other than that his only other expense is his and BamaMamas salaries. If he charges $35/person for his boat tours, how much is making a month if he averages 40 customers a day (he works 7 days a week). 3) If BamaMama wants them both to make $50,000 a year before she considers them to be stable, how many customers a day does Achoo need to average?...
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