Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola: Increasing Domestic Sales with Surge...

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Coca-Cola: Increasing Domestic Sales with Surge Principles of Marketing MKTG 311-01 Tuesday/ Thursday, 11:10p.m.-12:30p.m. Dr. Ephraim Okoro Fall 2011 August 30, 2011 Howard University School of Business Washington, D.C. Questions 1. To begin there must be a defintion of the philosophy of production, selling, and marketing. There is Production Orientation, Selling Orientation, and Marketing Orientation . Product Orientation as defined in the video is, “When the business believes there product is the best and the consumer will buy it because it’s so amazing,” Selling Orientation is defined in the video as, “The business believes the product is OK but just needs to advertise to receive sales.” In other words businesses with selling orientation must SELL! . .. SELL! . .. SELL! The main type of advertisement for this type of business is manipulation. The problem with selling orientation is usually businesses have too much of that product. They eventually have overcapacity. Finally there is marketing orientation which the video deems as the best orientation . Marketing
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Orientation is defined as, “A cross between the two orientations, when a company markets a good product but to a specific part of the market, a target market.” In this case of the Coca- Cola Company, I believe the marketing philosophy fits the best. The reason I
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Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola: Increasing Domestic Sales with Surge...

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