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Michael Stelzner - for his company but merely social...

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Michael A. Stelzner Principles of Marketing MKTG 311-01 Tuesday/ Thursday, 11:10p.m.-12:30p.m. Dr. Ephraim Okoro Fall 2011 Thursday, September 20, 2011 Howard University School of Business Washington, D.C. Michael A. Stelzner : On Thursday September 20, 2011 our class had the pleasure of being able to web chat with Michael A. Stelzner. Michael A. Stelzner, is known for being the author of, “ Launch &
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summits.” Michael graduated from San Diego State University with a Master's degree in communications. With a degree in communications it is obvious as to why Mr. Stelzner is great with communicating with his clients. Social Media Examiner was started in 2009 as stated by Mr. Stelzner. It only took five months until Social Media Examiner was declared the number one small business blog in the world. Michael said the first step into anything is, “Building a relationship with the client before asking for anything,” This is what sets you apart from the others. He did not use advertisements
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Unformatted text preview: for his company but merely social networks, personality, and communication. Mr. Stelzner states, “I simply leveraged the power of sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to deliver the kind of results that would’ve cost us a fortune in the past . I didn’t spend a dime on marketing, just my time .” Michael A. Stelzner has also wrote over 130 white papers for many of the world's most recognized companies, including Microsoft, Dow Jones, FedEx, Motorola, Monster, Hewlett-Packard and SAP. Michael A. Stelzner states, “I am also the executive editor of the 20,000-reader Whitepaper Source Newsletter ”. The white paper sour newsletter is a monthly publication dedicated to helping writers and marketing professionals master the art of white papers. Along with his credential in writings, he also trains corporation, builds marketing, and continues to spend on his social business with his smart business tactics, and excellent communication skills and personable attitude....
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Michael Stelzner - for his company but merely social...

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