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Video Analysis-4 Principles of Marketing MKTG 311-01 Tuesday/ Thursday, 11:10p.m.-12:30p.m. Dr. Ephraim Okoro Fall 2011 November 12, 2011 Howard University School of Business Washington, D.C. Video Analysis-Discussion of Fundamental Concepts and Terms This video focuses on many fundamental concepts and terms based of marketing, marketing strategies, and successful companies that utilize these tools. The companies that this video talks about are; Nokia, 3M, and BMW . These three companies display the skills, knowledge, and brand to great marketing success stories. The first company that was presented was Nokia . Nokia is a manufacture of mobile devices. Nokia established their brand as being about the consumer by meeting the demands of
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what the consumer wants. Nokia bases their company around the “consumer”. Nokia uses segments to separate their products and business. Nokia segments consist of; 1. Price: How much the phone will cost to specific target groups. 2. Expression: The phone has a “More Fun” approach, the consumer can change colors and cases, it is geared towards a much younger target, usually qualifies for first time buyer, has many features. 3. Active: somebody that is in the outdoors, active types of lifestyle 4. Classic: Attracted by the “Regular Business Users”; business cell phone, PDA, blackberry, databases, business ventures, not for first time users, wants to be connected to business. 5.
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Video Analysis-4r - Video Analysis-4 Principles of...

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