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Jesse H. and Beulah Chanley Cox Scholarship

Jesse H. and Beulah Chanley Cox Scholarship - community and...

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IUPUI offers many unique opportunities to students on a dynamic campus in beautiful downtown Indianapolis. The campus is diverse and has a strong passion for service and its community. IUPUI also has strong internship and research opportunities. I have always had a passion for community service. In my search for colleges that offered a mechanical engineering major, I also looked at the opportunities available to its students in terms of service. IUPUI had everything I was looking for. Not only was I directly admitted into the school of Engineering and Technology, but I was also accepted into the Sam H. Jones Community Service Scholar’s program. This program allowed me to get involved in my
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Unformatted text preview: community and still be able to balance my academics and social life. Even as a freshman I have many different internship possibilities with major engineering firms throughout Indianapolis and the United States. IUPUI and Purdue University have made many connections with these firms specifically for their students. I have already started talking with prospective employers who are looking for engineers directly out of college. My decision to go to IUPUI is the best decision I have ever made. I do not regret it at all! I continually look forward to research opportunities and internships that are offered through the school of engineering and the service I will be doing in the years to come....
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