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My weekly planner is my source of sanity. Each week is filled to the brim with different commitments, appointments, and classes. However, during the past year of college, I have learned one thing that trumps everything I’ve ever been taught in a classroom – time management. Almost every week I say no to my friends when they want to go hang out. I spend long nights in the library getting homework done. I tutor three hours a week at George Washington Community Schools. My week is a literal juggling act. I must admit that I have dropped the ball a few times. But that comes with the territory of being a college student. I have learned that time is the most precious non-renewable resource. It must be handled carefully and used to the fullest. This year has prepared me to wisely manage my time and my priorities.
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Unformatted text preview: Being an OTEAM leader means being available to incoming students who need help adjusting to college life. I have the skills, the time, and the motivation to help these students in their pursuit of a college education. My mentor did an excellent job in making sure we understood how IUPUI works, what our resources are, and how to get involved. I want to pass along that same sense of hospitality and friendliness that my mentor gave to me. My most significant challenge as an IUPUI student has been managing my time. This past year has been a time to evaluate list of priorities. I am prepared to take on this awesome opportunity. I know full well the expectations I am being held to and the time it will take to fulfill those expectations....
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