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Skills and Resources for Success In order to accomplish your educational goals and fully enact your educational plan, you will need to develop skills such as time management, the ability to prioritize and stay organized, and the ability to work effectively with others . You will also need to utilize the wide array of support services and programs available on campus to help you be successful. There are many things students need in order to be successful. Luckily, I already possess some skills and experience to help my college career. I was trained to be organized. Ever since I can remember, my parents had me on a tight schedule. It was unusual not to have baseball practice, swimming, homework, and school all in one day. I was involved in many after extracurricular activities during my time in high school. My day was always packed. I remember one particular week I had a Spanish test to study for, a fundraiser to coordinate, swim practice to go to, and be home for dinner with the family. I also remember that particular week I failed to organize myself
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