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Reading Response - Anonymous PHST 330 Motivations for...

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Anonymous September 27, 2011 PHST 330 Motivations for Service
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Service is an odd phenomenon – one that you do not come across in other species besides humans. Wolves do not have food pantries set up for hungry wolves outside of their own pack who are struggling to make the kill. Birds do not have transitional living communities for homeless foul whose nests are struck down by natural disaster. The idea of sacrificing oneself for another’s comfort contradicts the law of the animal kingdom – survival of the fittest. Robert Coles, a child psychiatrist wrote the book The Call of Service in order to explore the reasons why we serve, what sustains us in our giving, what service looks like, and the importance of service in our society. In the readings we had for this week, Coles dove into the method by which we serve, the satisfactions we receive from our service, mentoring and exhaustion from the service we do. The author goes into great detail on each of these topics by sharing stories of people he has spent time with over the course of his life’s research. Coles was close to those working in the Civil Rights Movement and with inner-city children. We read many stories involving those who serve others and also those who are being served. These stories provided answers to the questions Coles asked. But each story seemed create new questions about social injustice, the true reasons behind why we serve, and what motivates us to keep going. Laurent A. Parks Daloz and his associates wrote the book
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Reading Response - Anonymous PHST 330 Motivations for...

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