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Service Learning Project_UCOL 201

Service Learning Project_UCOL 201 - day is not the...

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Global Youth Service Day is a day in the spring where communities across the nation get children in schools involved in community service. For the past 3 years, the Sam H. Jones Freshman Scholarship program has gotten George Washington Community School involved. Around 75 kids from the school spend a day out in the community doing beautification in local parks and community centers. But what if it wasn’t limited to just George Washington? What if every IPS school got involved? Global Youth Service Day is meant to inspire and teach kids of the importance of community service. Kids spend the day learning about how their service has impacted the community in a positive way. If every IPS school got involved, there could be a HUGE impact made in our city. And not just for the single day out of the whole year. Rather, the biggest impact will be teaching the kids that their service makes a difference – even if it doesn’t seem like much. The point of the
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Unformatted text preview: day is not the temporary things that are accomplished. The point of the day is the reflection that happens after the service – what impact did I make today? How has this made Indianapolis a better place to live? Why was this important? Why is it important to continue to do community service? What can I get out of doing community service? What did I learn today? How can I apply the skills and knowledge that I get from school to volunteering and bettering the community? Summary: • Who participates? o IPS students of all ages • When do they participate? o One day out of the school year (possibly multiple times?) • Where do they learn? o All across the city • What activities are involved? o Beautification, restoration, and any other –ation you can think of! • Why does this program exist? o This program exists to inspire children to get involved in their community in hopes that they will eventually develop into civic minded individuals....
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