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Annotated Bibliography Clendenning, M.S., Daniel, Eric R. Wright, Ph.D., and Thomas Stuckey, Ph.D. The Need for a Youth Services Coordinating Agency in Marion County . Rep. Indianapolis: Indiana University Center for Health Policy, 2009. Print. This is another useful resource which gives good facts and informs the public of the need for a coordinating agency. One would think that there would be such an agency already in place. This article breaks down different possible candidates to fill that position and how this agency would be useful to help eradicate youth homelessness. Again, this is another key part of eradicating youth homelessness – coordinating existing shelters and services by means of one coordinating agency. I think this goes hand-in-hand with other solutions that have been mentioned like transitional housing. Lucas, Barbara. Homeless Youth in Marion County Face Grim Prospects . Rep. Ed. Marilyn Michael Yurk. Indianapolis: Indiana University Center for Health Policy, 2008. Print. This article gives the common reader a good overview of homeless youth. It presents the facts and the challenges that homeless youth face on a day to day basis. It also gives thoughts for policy makers on how to address this social issue. I will definitely be using this article as a reference. It is full of good info and gives
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SIRRAnnotatedBibliography - Annotated Bibliography...

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