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testomoney_northbeach - Give adoption testimony o Born...

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Give adoption testimony. o Born, adotpted – grew up knowing I was adopted o Dad wasn’t a big part of my life. o Looked at Pornography since the 3 rd grade o Depressed since 5 th grade o 7 th grade – questioned who I was – why was I adopted. WHO AM I? o Asked parents if they had info about my birth parents – they said no. o 8 th grade – found out about birth parents – how I felt. o Wanted to commit suicide o God intervened o Friends introduced me to North Beach o People at North Beach were loving and came along side me o I became a Christian on the Walk o I know I have a father in heaven though I may not feel like I have a father on earth Sister o Not a Christian o Bad influence o Also adopted o How many Christians was she friends with? o She could have not made the mistakes she’s made o Now, I have the opportunity / responsibility to share Christ with her We all have the responsibility to share Christ with others James 2:15-16: Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of
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