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Discussion assignment 3 - Discussion assignment 3 The...

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Discussion assignment 3 The exercise and fitness industry is classified to be a slow-growth market, also known as a mature market. The exercise and fitness industry is worth upwards of $1.6 billion annually in the United States. . Exercise and fitness has always been a concern of the general public in America. The reason however that it remains a slow growth market is because there are so many competitors in the market competing for a piece of the $1.6 billion pie that the industries bring in annually. Gyms like Life Fitness have a 5% increase in their fourth quarter in 2009 and predicted a 8.8% increase in 2010. This isn’t huge but when you consider that that moved the company from $194 million to $203.7 million that’s no small potatoes. Gyms like Life Fitness have shown that a greater emphasis on cost and service can absolutely change the customers mind in a competitive slow-growth market. The dry cleaning industry is a declining market in today’s economy and industry. Luxury and leisure activities and purchase are scrutinized more thoroughly by those who have been affected. The dry cleaning industry has experienced a -3% growth in 2010. This clearly shows that the economy has put a dent in the revenues in this industry. There are also other factors that have affected this outcome as well. Markets will need to consider pursuing an end-game strategy or whether they may want to try and stick it out through this rough time in the industry as it goes with all stagnant/declining industries. . The poultry market is definitely a turbulent market because of the inconsistency and the volatility of the market. Because the poultry market is food there are widespread causes that can affect it very dramatically. The Madcow disease that had affected beef consumers regardless or not people were not interested in buying beef at that time which greatly increase the chicken/poultry industry. Business owners in the poultry industry have to develop defensive and
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offensive strategies when going through turbulent markets like the poultry industry. Depending
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Discussion assignment 3 - Discussion assignment 3 The...

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