Discussion assignment 4

Discussion assignment 4 - through six sigma and TQM...

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Discussion assignment 4 1. A) Six Sigma online: Averta Business Institute. They offer training and business assistance. Trainup.com. Training program. SixSigmaTraining.net B) General Electric Company Bank of America 3M 2. Ford Motor Company Phillips Semiconductors SGL Carbon Toyota Motor Company Motorola 3. General Electric Company benefitted tremendously from the Six Sigma program that they were enrolled in. Their medical systems increased substantially by increasing the durability and life of medical products. They also increased their plastics business and saved millions on investing money. Ford Motor Company was able to significantly increase customer service and loyalty
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Unformatted text preview: through six sigma and TQM procedures and earned more profit and revenue in doing so. Ford worked hard on ensuring consumers satisfaction with their purchases. They reworked the hood latch on the Ford Mustang that had many consumers upset because of the height that it needed to be dropped from to latch down. By reworking the hood latching system using Six Sigma and TQM they were able to save $283,000 in scrap metal prices, but greater than that customers satisfaction was significantly increased....
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Discussion assignment 4 - through six sigma and TQM...

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