Assignment #4 chap6&7

Assignment #4 chap6&7 - Jon Totaram ID#: 0470482...

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Jon Totaram ID#: 0470482 Cell: 321-278-7053 TESC, October 2011 COS101-GS006 Introduction to Computers Assignment 4 Chap6 Review: 3) Compression is an important part of digital audio technology because of audio in its raw waveform audio format is very large, hard to transfer over a network, and consumes a great deal of storage space. Compressing digital audio can lead to very little quality loss (from a listener’s perspective) and shrink the file down to a manageable size to deal with. 4) Remixing song has become popular because of digital audio because digital audio can now be manipulated by the computer to create songs, add instrumentation, rhythms, beats, and audio samples. Digital audio remixing are two trends that have merged because of the advancements in technology and the advances in digital audio that create a common ground for the two to mesh and be integrated. This allows the audio to be composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and published all from one computer. 5) The difference between bitmapped graphics and object-oriented graphics is that bitmapped graphics or raster graphics change the pixels on the screen to show the picture that is being seen, in a map like form. Object-oriented graphics or vector graphics are quite different using lines and shapes, not a collection of dots. Advantages of object-oriented graphics are that it doesn’t rely on pixels so the images when outputted are smoother, they are better at creating graphs, charts, and illustrations with clean lines and smooth shapes. A disadvantage is that most websites only
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Assignment #4 chap6&7 - Jon Totaram ID#: 0470482...

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