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Assignment #5 chap8 9 10 - Jon Totaram ID 0470482 Cell...

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Jon Totaram ID#: 0470482 Cell: 321-278-7053 [email protected] TESC, October 2011 COS101-GS006 Introduction to Computers Assignment 5 Chap8 Review: 2) There are three general reasons for the importance of computer networking: people, hardware, and software. Hardware allows people to share and reduce the costs that may be incurred when having to purchase hardware individually, Software allows people to share data and programs over a network, and networks also help people, because of the way they communicate, work together, and play together over networked computers. 3) LAN (local area networks) helps people in the general reason above. LAN can greatly aid people in the general three reasons above because sharing hardware, software, can affect the people who live in a house together that use a local area network. For example a family of four can have two laptop and one desktop and a printer and be able to share files and print to the computer attached to the printer because they are all connected via LAN, giving them the ability to share programs and data, and even hardware to speed up processes that may slow them down or not be very cost effectively like purchasing a printer for each person. 4) WAN (Wide area network) is related to hardware, software, and people because a WAN can connect a greater deal of computers to a network. For example a company that spans across 3 floors in an office building can communicate via WAN to share their data across floors. This can help with printing, data file sharing, printing, production, it can speed up the communication between the floors and cause a greater productivity within the WAN. 5) A modem is necessary for connecting computers in a network, because a modem helps a
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Assignment #5 chap8 9 10 - Jon Totaram ID 0470482 Cell...

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