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MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications Assignment #1 The company I currently work at is called Airserv Corporation. It is a service based company that provides JFK Airport and other airports worldwide, wheelchair services, food services, check-in services, and a multitude of others based on the contracts signed by airlines. One of the communication concepts that I have seen since working here has been that they are very prone to the administrative approach in this organization (Hynes, 2010). The organization I work for is managed very administratively with a chain of command and a great deal of organization but it lacks the communication and employee relationship that is necessary to maintain good business and communication. The managers are very focused on a couple of Fayol’s principles. Let me go into depth here on exactly what I’m referring too to give you a better understanding. There is a division of work at my company, as defined by Fayol’s principles. Workers are assigned locations and are limited to these “zones” where they are to stay during the duration of their shifts. The authority principle is also evident (Hynes, 2010). My managers tend to go after the authoritative stance on many issues we have faced at Airserv. They are quick order things that are necessary to keep the day “running smooth” and they have gained a
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greater deal of authority based on their skills and experience in the field of work that their employees are needed in. Another principle of Fayol’s that my company has exhibited is how subordinate individual interests aren’t the precedent over individual’s interest (Hynes, 2010). Airserv has a contract with Jetblue unbeknownst to us the employees of the details and specifics of this contract we
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Assignment #1 (old format) - MAN373-GS002 Managerial...

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