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Assignment #4 - MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications...

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MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications Assignment #4 The country I am reporting on is the Dominican Republic because of the amount of people that we serve from their daily and because of the co-workers I have that are Dominican’s. The Dominican Republic or DR (in short) has a great deal of benefits to the company I work for because of many reasons that deal with their culture, and the nature of my company being a service industry in the airport for a major airline. Airserv is a niche company that serves a variety of airlines outsource the jobs that they need done to smaller organizations to handle. Airserv in particular goes over some of the customer service aspects of the Jetblue airline helping with wheelchair assistance, curbside check-in, and greeters. The reason I state this is because Jetblue’s business is directly connected to the passengers we will deal as a company. The population of DR is about 9.9 million people. Of the 9.9 million Dominican’s that reside in DR, the United States has about 1.5 million Dominicans within its borders and half a million of them live in New York. This is a huge statistic that has increased Jetblue’s business, and thus increased ours. Our company needs to cater to the possible 500,000 Dominicans that may fly Jetblue at some point from New York back to the Dominican Republic. (Index Mundi, 2011) Of the approximate 500,000 that live in NYC 6.5% of them are over 65 years old and will most likely require a wheelchair when flying from New York (JFK Airport) to
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another location. This increases our customer service business substaintially considering that Jetblue has five locations it flies to in the Dominican Republic daily.
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