Assignment #5 - MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications...

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Unformatted text preview: MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications Assignment #5 The first step in resolving the issue that the accounting department and sales department are having is to align the situation at hand according to John Dewey’s Rational Problem-Solving Process . (Hynes, 2011) The first step in rational problem solving is to define the problem. The issue that the growing production company is facing is that the assistant in the credit department, Ruth Rankin is being stretched beyond her capacity, because of the company’s growth. The increase in business has required the necessity for someone to help out in accounting, and because of the growing business both ends, sales and accounting, are overwhelmed with work. (Hynes, 2011) The problem was incurred by an increase in business so this is good news. Growth is always a great thing. This may cause the company to have to expand in ways they may not be sure of, for example, hiring new employees. The reason this is an unsure way for the company is because no one can forecast how long this growth period will be for the company, and if the growth is inconsistent then is it really necessary to hire someone new. These are all speculations. Another factor that should be considered when thinking about the problem is the history of the problem, has this occurred before? The accounting department at the firm has had to use Mrs. Rankin before, even before the big growth spurt the company has been on. Therein defining the problem not necessarily as new but it has been a reoccurring situation that the accounting department has needed assistance in processing their work prior to the increase of business. (Hynes, 2011)increase of business....
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Assignment #5 - MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications...

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