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Assignment #6 - MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications...

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MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications Assignment #6 I have chosen to write a proposal for the company I work for Airserv. Airserv Corporation is an airline service industry that was created because of the decrease in business after September 11 th 2001. The airlines were affected greatly because of this act of terrorism on our country and workers across the country were affected especially airlines. Airserv Corporation arose out of this to aid airlines in redeeming some of their lost cost in this whole “airline crisis” by offering services that would help the airlines cut costs, where employees or other key crewmembers could be used more efficiently. Airserv handles different responsibilities for different airlines they have contracted service with. The extent to their service to airlines can range from cargo, security, passenger services, ramp handling, and ground transportation. The market that Airserv has can be a large scope depending on the need the airline has. Recently Airserv contracted with Jetblue to do wheelchairs, skycap (outside baggage check-in), and TSA line security. The market was created by a conjoining of Jetblue and Airserv to find a way that Airserv could use the resources of people it has to do a job for Jetblue more effectively and efficiently without dulling or ruining the core values Jetblue stands for. The market is for those customers that need wheelchair assistance, would like to check their bags in at the curb, or people who need direction when going through security check points at Jetblue terminal in the JFK Airport. This however changes from airline to airline and terminal to terminal. Duties and markets that
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are reached by Airserv in Jetblue at JFK airport may be completely different at say Delta within the same JFK airport.
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