Assignment #7 - MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications...

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MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications Assignment #7 The company I work for is called Airserv. They are an airline service industry created to aid airlines in various duties that are easier to have outsourced to companies like ours. We currently help Jetblue airlines with their wheelchair, security line, baggage claim, and curbside check-in services. A major human resource issue with Airserv is the lack of performance interviews for employees who go above and beyond the job duties and it fails to be a supportive environment the higher the chain of command goes. A human resource strategy that can change this is the hiring process, combined with effective interviewing, and having affective managers, supervisors, and leads to delegate the appropriate supportive environment the company needs. The strategy that I have formed to commendably and resourcefully would be to start at the hiring process. In creating a great interviewing strategy we can wean down on the possibility of hiring an employee that may not be suited for the tasks and job needed to perform. I would use more behavioral questions when hiring a manager, shift manager, and supervisor, as this will help me determine what past experiences will show their future skill and outcome. Hiring the upper management in this way will help Airserv significantly because this will entail change the course of many issues that may arise in the company’s future within the airline business of customer care. Making sure to ask a great deal of open ended question will help make the choice between upper
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management as well. I will need people who can communicate their needs to employees, perform, and maintain employee loyalty. Along with the hiring process I will need to use and implement a strategy for
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Assignment #7 - MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications...

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