Assignment #8 CASE OUTLINE - MAN373-GS002 Managerial...

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MAN373-GS002 Managerial Communications Case Analysis Outline 1) Step 1 Review Communication and Identify issues within Airserv. (chap 8-11,13) a) The major issues with Airserv i) Communication between Managers and subordinates (1) Manager to employees (2) Very competitive, not cooperative (3) Managers cannot be trusted (a) Things have been stolen under their supervision (b) Decree’s and implementations hardly follow through (4) Status difference are not minimized (5) Solutions are one way, not mutually determined b) Too many overlapping communication systems, repetitive information i) Handheld cellphone walkie-talkies with Palringo (communicate with dispatchers, leads, and supervisors) ii) AirClic job duty task list (updated by dispatch) iii) Leads and Supervisors that direct agents contrary to the prior two iv) These conflicts between communication can cause a great deal of issues 2) Step 2 Develop a scenario and relevant questions based on key concepts a) The communication issue between Managers and employees can be exemplified in the following situation: i) Managers scheduled to change employees days off and shift hours. There was bidding for the days employees wanted off but this information was not formally given to employees, it spread as a rumor. Many employees had issues with this the day of the bidding because days were changed as were schedules without formal notification. (1) The motive to change the shifts and days off was to clear up the confusion that managers had with employees that needed shifts changed. Their implementation was wrong and formed mistrust.
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(a) How should this implementation of shift hours and days off changes been done properly to maintain trust between employee and manager? (b) How could they have approached this situation to formulate
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Assignment #8 CASE OUTLINE - MAN373-GS002 Managerial...

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