Assignment1 SBM - TESC, October 2011 MAN432-GS009 Small...

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TESC, October 2011 MAN432-GS009 Small Business Management Assignment 1 Economic trends that could affect a lawn mowing company that provides lawn care to business’ and normal home owning residents, could be affect detrimentally in the economic trends we are facing currently. In the economy we are currently in people are saving more, spending less, and cutting back on luxuries or convenient services, such as lawn mowing companies. Unless the lawn care company could come up with a great value for their service they would lose a great deal of business because many people can mow their own lawns, or pay a neighborhood teenager a lot cheaper than a company would charge. Sociocultural trends are huge in today’s society. With the constantly shifting demands of consumers who are now young adults making the money in today’s world, companies that create a mobile phone application can find themselves and their businesses gaining great speed in a market that craves applications that really put out. The Living Social did just this. It found a market for those people, who want to save, don’t want to go alone, like to spend money, have
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Assignment1 SBM - TESC, October 2011 MAN432-GS009 Small...

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