Assignment4 SBM - TESC, October 2011 MAN432-GS009 Small...

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TESC, October 2011 MAN432-GS009 Small Business Management Assignment 4 The clothing line unsegmented market I would reach is for all people who like high fashion. I would use a differentiation based strategy with a twist to it. The clothing line I would develop would be a clothing line similar to Christian Audigier’s. The clothing line would be very fashionable with many people wearing our pieces throughout age groups, demographics, and gender. The way I would plan on reaching the market is with clothes that are in style and by predicting future changes in fashions and creating clothes according to the up and coming styles. The customers I will be reaching are the ones that like clothes that are in style, not ridiculously overpriced, and ones that want to send a message to the people that may take notice of their clothing, because of the message it will send. The customer I would break down the unsegmented market into would be the multi- segmented market branching into clothing for people who like to dress more business casual, for the students who would prefer to dress more relaxed informal, and for the different organizations and people who are trying to raise money and would like a shirt created with proceeds going to a cause or person of their choice. In the multi-segmented market I would try to wait until the clothing line matured and people became familiar with the name and brand before switching to a
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Assignment4 SBM - TESC, October 2011 MAN432-GS009 Small...

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