Final Project- Diamond Wipes Int

Final Project- Diamond Wipes Int - December 14 th 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: December 14 th 2011 Small Business Management MAN432 Professor Chase This case study on the Diamond Wipes International Company will use management concepts to answer inquiries about the company. Context from the textbook will be used to support the answers and fully detail the companys management views. 1. What leadership style did Eve Yen use with her employees? Describe her actions that support your choice. (Chap 19) The leadership style that Eve Yen displays is as a pacesetter leader. She throughout the case study set expectations for her team that they were not read and able to meet. As the company started to grow those challenges of her leadership style took tolls on the workers in the form of them being overworked and badly organized. She also displays this pacesetter style in the way she hires a new general manager, she gives him the challenge she expects him to handle, how she wants it handled and she expected him to turn the company into a well oiled-machine. Her actions in this case study clearly emphasize her pacesetter leadership. 2. What aspects of Eves leadership approach directly or indirectly affected the problems that developed? Clearly explain the connections between Eves behaviors and the resulting problems. (Chap 19) Eves pacesetting leadership style may have slightly been the root of her problems as her business grew but it was more indirectly a result of her problems. Her problems grew because her company was growing beyond the scope it had expected, employees were needed and there were none, organization was needed where it wasnt needed prior. Eves behaviors in the problem were that she did not seek professional managerial help, she as the boss was limited in her abilities to perform all the tasks she needed done. Even when she hired the general management and office assistants they were not well suited for the jobs. As a small business that started to grow into big business she was going through the growing pains of learning how to...
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Final Project- Diamond Wipes Int - December 14 th 2011...

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