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Discussion Forum 3 Internet Privacy In Discussion Forum 3, post your response to the following discussion questions. Reply to at least two classmates' responses by the date indicated in the course Calendar. What concerns are there for consumer privacy on the Internet? Why is this such a prominent issue with consumer groups? What methods are available to mitigate these issues and how does it impact consumer behavior online? Privacy on the internet is the top reason for non-internet user, to stay off of it. Concerns for most is that there is no clear understanding of how their information is used, who knows it, how their information is being used, and what is being done with it. The laws and privacy enactments are jokes because of their lack of clarity. The issue of internet privacy especially in terms of marketing causes reasons for consumers as well, when junk email that is aimed at your web searches and some even identify you by name, there is a huge sense of privacy invasion. Even ads that are focused on past searches can cause consumers to wonder “how does the
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